Repositionering Blume2000

Blume2000 is a retail chain of 200 flower and plant stores spread across the whole of Germany. In 2014 Blume2000 decided it was time for change. The stores had to become trendier in order to expand the customer base beyond the current clientele, who were primarily elderly and female. In other words, the stores had to become attractive to new, younger customers. In addition to this, Blume2000 wanted to move away from its low-cost image. 

Various other issues then play a role. One of these is how trendy are you willing and able to be? How do you create a range of products that appeals to both types of customer? Can you get the staff at all the stores on board with regard to inspiration, store image, presentations and how? What do you have to do to reach new customers?

Romeo researched the problems for six months at all the Blume2000 stores and then used his insights and experiences to draw up a conversion plan. The purchasing formula was completely revamped and, as a result, Blume2000 now has a distinctive profile based on strong, trendy, commercial collections and potted plant combinations.

The store presentations have also been updated (from layout to shelving plans) and staff have been retrained. The current Blume2000 sales formula is having a positive effect on the entire purchasing behaviour of customers, by including the must-have special offer in the range alongside the eye-catcher (the customers’ dream product).

The development of Blume2000 Azubinale, which is a competition for trainee florists, means that the low-cost image is a thing of the past. Blume2000 now has a reputation as a leading international retail concept.

  • Client Blume 2000
  • Date 25/06/2021
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