Redesign Office Blume2000

Following the successful repositioning of Blume2000, it was time to restyle the head office so that it matched the retail chain’s new DNA.

In 2018 Romeo was responsible for completely redesigning the office, to give it a new, natural image. All the meeting rooms were given their own style which included plenty of green. The main emphasis for the large inspiring seminar space was flexibility, so that it could be used for large and small meetings alike. Romeo incorporated a fantastic relaxation area into this space. The canteen was converted into a wonderful courtyard garden where employees are, of course, treated to plenty of fresh, green salads which they can assemble themselves.

The head office is now the beating green heart of Blume2000. People who work in this green environment feel good and enjoy their work and this, of course, only increases the success of the chain as a whole.

  • Client Blume 2000
  • Date 25/06/2021
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