Discovery Center IPM Essen

IPM Essen is one of the world’s leading (horticultural) exhibitions. More than 50,000 knowledge thirsty visitors from all kinds of green businesses attend every year. They can apply what they see and learn directly in their own businesses. IPM wanted to shed extra light on the work of horticultural businesses and, because of his vast expertise, asked Romeo to contribute.

As creative director Romeo developed a unique presentation space within IPM, called the Discovery Center, which had its own entirely unique identity. It is a must-see for anyone visiting IPM, as well as for the media. It is also a must-be for IPM partners, given that the DC is so commercially inspiring that it is bound to generate extra turnover. The DC is the first port of call for visitors and the media. It is where Romeo presents new perspectives, concepts and styling and gives out-of-the-box presentations.

Every year Romeo is responsible for the look and feel and the themes and sub-themes, and he knows exactly how to integrate them with the wishes and highlights of the partners and participants.

He also makes sure he spends time on the exhibition floor to give lectures on the underlying ideas, organise a variety of expert tours for visitors and bring key parties together.

The Discovery Center has now become an essential element of IPM and a place where important and successful partnerships are formed between a variety of parties.

  • Client IPM Essen
  • Date 25/06/2021
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