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Romeo is an extremely creative character with a refreshing view of (green) trends, his background is in horticulture, flower arranging, marketing and management. He has worked as a florist, a nurseryman, in garden centres, at a wholesaler's, as an importer, buyer and collector, a product developer and a presenter on national TV.

As a trend watcher & green stylist, he is well aware of the various trends that envelop us. By combining his background and these trends he creates not only splendid, but also commercially interesting applications for, for instance, the green and interior trade. Romeo is able to inspire his public and customers to look beyond the existing product/ market combinations. Unblinkered.


tafel lampen With his company byRomeo, Romeo Sommers wants to express his mission. He wants to inspire his business partners and consumers, and urge them to develop new ways to use 'green'. To entice by giving trend lectures, TV appearances and by making inspirational film clips. Arriving at high-profile, commercial concepts together with the green sector is a challenge that he also willingly accepts. Here, authenticity and passion form the basis. Beautiful designs that are unmistakably Romeo's. byRomeo.

What does byRomeo have to offer you?


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& workshops

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Romeo is full of passion for his profession. This is expressed the best in his many appearances. Romeo gives numerous trend lectures both at home and abroad to inspire and open people's eyes. To reveal what is currently going on in the world. Romeo and his team are also pleased to give live demonstrations to let people see and experience hands-on how flowers & plants can be handled differently.

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Concepts & products

byRomeo sees opportunities. Opportunities for breeders, growers and producers to penetrate new markets and approach new target groups. Together with you, new concepts will be developed and you will be inspired to look at your products from a different perspective. The inspirational platform Green Your Day is one of the latest concepts that are unmistakably Romeo's.


Green Your Day

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Together with partners from the green sector, marketing and logistics, byRomeo founded Green Your Day in 2013; the green inspirational platform for the consumer who wants to start working with flowers & plants, but can do with a little help.

Green Your Day operates from the perspective and is part of its community. For instance at the Margriet Winter Fair 2014 where a 280 m2 stand was created, together with Margriet Magazine. The 70,000 visitors were happy to be inspired to use green materials and decoration.

Green Your Day is also active online. Not only on its own website and social media, but in particular there where its community is found. The high-quality content starring products from a range of partners attracts the greatest possible attention, sometimes with more than 350,000 views.


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On the website, on Facebook and during on-site demonstrations, Green Your Day shows in a simple way how you can make the most beautiful green creations for indoors, the balcony or your terrace.

Green Your Day wants to be the approachable cross-medial green inspirational platform for the consumer (both national and international) practically translated to product availability: "I want it now"

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New: byRomeo styling team

Romeo and his team uniquely add 'enticement' to your trade show, showroom or store floor. Together with the country's best green stylists, byRomeo is able quickly and under high time pressure to create a style for your location based on the latest trends and commercial insights and to create the experience that suits the target group you envisage.
Ask for the possibilities..

De Bloemenoverval

The new television programme 'De Bloemenoverval' was broadcast for the first time in 2014 by SBS6. This is a 13-part weekly program that focuses on the happiness that flowers bring and the special and personal professionalism of the florist. Flowers are indispensable in daily life. They bring a moment of happiness.
Romeo Sommers is the presenter.

The TV programme ‘De Bloemenoverval’ uses personal stories to portray situations from daily life and to transform them with a suitable floral metamorphosis. In each programme, somebody is approached on the street and surprised with a floral metamorphosis that perfectly suits his or her personal story. It concerns people who will soon experience something truly important in their life, for instance a wedding, birth or anniversary. The role flowers play in more serious themes (including mourning) is also addressed.

A list of all programmes:

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